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Zindaginha's grow list

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Geez! Trying to write it all down is challenging...I'm kind of embarrased about how many plants I have. Here goes:

1. Nepenthes Sanguniea (from Sarracenia NW)
2. Nepenthes Ampullaria X (Spectabilis X Ventricosa)
3. Nepenthes (Rokko X stenophyllus) X talagensis

4. Drosera binata (3 of these, I think. Positive id for just one)
5. Drosera scorpiodes
6. Pygmy sundews
7. Drosera capensis, white and red
8. Drosera spatulata
9.Drosera roseana
10. Drosera capillaris

11. Heliamphora Minor (not sure for how long, though. I am really doing something wrong with this guy)

12. Sarracenia purpurea v. venosa
13. Sarracenia Daina's Delight
14. Sarracenia Tarnok
15. Sarracenia Leucophylla x Flava Mike King H63 Hardy Scarce W43
16. Sarracenia (Flava x Purp Purp) x Leucophylla Hardy Plant W44
17. Sarracenia Hybrid x Hummer Hammerhead Hardy Pitcher Plant Scarce W40

18. Darlingtonia

19. Utricularia calycifida

20. Pinguicula aphrodite
21. Pinguicula True Blue
22. Pinguicula Moranensis
23. Pinguicula cycloseta
24. Pinguicula jaumavensis
25. Pinguicula Ehlersiae x Oblongiloba
26. Pinguicula agnata red leaf

27. Two staghorn ferns, one mounted, one growing as part of a kokedama with live hyphnum moss

28. Some kind of gardenia that occaisionally gets fed up wth my neglect and drops all its leaves but forgives easily and produce a flower or two as soon as I start paying it some attention

Tillandsia horde:
29. Various clumps of spanish moss strewn all around my house (I highly recommend this creature for indoor-living, although when it isn't in the best shape, it sheds.
30. At least thirty individuals of various species of the more "typical" air plants that are so popular right now. One hallway is home to four large xerographica, and then I am a sucker for butzii and bulbosa. I have fully embraced the air plant fad and find that there are always lots of sales and other deals, plus a great small local nursery is happy to bargain with me or even give me small and sickly plants from time to time. I have great luck with these and adore sharing my living space with them, so they have multiplied to embarrasing numbers, but for the whole collection of them I doubt I've spent more than 150$, so I feel no shame.

31. A couple of rescued gesneriad kohlerias that aren't doing well
32. Pilea peperomoides (of course!)
33. Three hoya carnosa hindu ropes, all accumulated totally on accident
34. Sanseveria cylindrica (these are such great plants! Beautiful and easy)
35. Entodon and hyphnum moss that I mine for kokedama materials
36. A couple of ceropegia woodii (chain of hearts)

37. Just like a whole tray of various lithops species that I won't get into, except to say that I love them more than anything (until I remember my butterworts and pitcher plants!)
38. Euphorbia darcaryi
39. A couple of euphorbia millii
40. About seven different crassulas
41. A few echevarias--or a lot if you count the cuttings I am trying to root
42. One very tiny, dark little aeonium I got from a neighbor
43. Three Old Man Cacti
44. Two fishhook cacti
45. Euphorbia platyclada
46. Euphorbia rossi
47. Euphorbia -- whatever the Indian Corn's proper name is. I have a giant 4 year old plant and am trying to propogate cuttings from it
48. Senecio...whatever string of pearls is
49. Various gasteria
50. Conophytum!
51. Paper thorn cactus
52. Kalanchoe species
53. Some beautiful sedum species whose names I forget
54. Various aloes and a couple of possible aloe-gasteria crosses that should turn out interesting

CP wishlist:
Yeah, for being a total novice at growing these, I accumulated a lot in a short space of time, so no wish list for now! I really just want to master caring for the CP's I've got before getting any more. Unlike every other plant I grow (except lithops which are just as challenging, but at least I get HOW they work), CPs are such a mystery to me. I really wish I knew how to make them happy.