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your opinion on tissue culture sales!!

Hey guys (i know, this is my third thread started today!)
I was wondering, after all this research on tissue culture, how do people such as andreas sell their plants? well here is what i came up with- i will be purchasing a micropropogation lab in a few, and have decided spontaneously that i want to become the next distributor of cp's! (I know- building castles in the sky) anyway, i wanted to get your guys opinion- when i get started (if im succesful) is it a good idea to sell them in vitro (in vial)? i hear of people doing this, and i figure its less work and lesser risk than situating them in growing conditions. what do you think?
Selling plants in vitro has been around for decades, though requires some necessary skill on the buyer's part to transfer and to acclimate them. Occasionally, some hobbyist may desire to throw the dice and see if they survive; but, by and large, people still prefer something in a pot. Some species are difficult to transfer and root -- many Nepenthes among them.

Don't think for a moment that Wistuba's plants are right from the flask; they've been acclimated, for the most part, for months on end . . .
In addition, some species can be difficult to successfully introduce to sterile conditions. Selling sterile cultures could be a real bounty to your competition.