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Yellow Seedlings

I think this is probably normal since all the different species of Nep seedlings look the same, yellow or pale green. These pictures are from 12/15 and have grown since then with the second pitcher coming in on most:
Nepenthes maxima 'Lake Poso'
I don't find those seedlings to be particularly yellow. Until they reach the 3 and 4 leaf stage, they are inclined to be on the yellow side, in my experience. They look very healthy.
OK, thanks. Neps are strange creatures, wouldn't surprise me if they discovered that aliens brought 'em to Earth. I have been taking a daily picture of one of my hamata leaves to document the pitcher descending the ground. It's the one I was ganking about in the other post. It arrived with this leaf fully extended and pointing horizontal to the ground. Once I started moving it to a 58 - 60 degree situation overnight the leaf began it's slow descent and now the pitcher is beginning to expand also. I was afraid the pitcher was already hardening off from being in limbo so it's nice to see.
Here are a couple of more realistic pictures, the other example in the original post was enhanced in Photoshop for display purposes. I finally figured out how to fix the whited out pictures of the seedlings by adjusting the "EXPOSURE COMPENSATION" setting in the camera. It toned down the seedlings and lightened the dark coir background.
Nepenthes rafflesiana 'Green'


Nepenthes maxima 'Lake Poso'

They look to be about the same color that may raff seedlings are, and everything here is growing fine, so there's nothing to worry about color wise. It seems a lot of lowland seedlings start off really pale: raff, ampullaria, mirabilis, eustachya, etc.
Thanks, practically everything about Neps is a new experience.