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Yay!! New Arrivals!

My first sundew came in the mail today! It's a Capensis and I bought it potted so that I would not have to worry about the growing medium. My question is, should I put it in my near full sun spot right away or should I spend a week acclimating it? Also, some of the leaves are black. Should I trim them right away or perhaps wait until it's settled in? ... Yay! :D
Go ahead and trim off the dead, won't hurt it any.
And I'd just put it in a spot that doesn't get full sun all day long. May burn it up depending on it's previous growing conditions.. But either way, they're pretty quick to acclimate.
Awesome, thanks for the info Mass. I was pretty sure of the right thing to do, I guess I have 'first mailed cp jitters' :)
Happens to all of us..
I'll keep an eye out for any further assistance you may require.
Mailing can be a bit hard on plants, but don't worry! It should recover. My Nepenthes fusca arrived all the way from Oregon in a week-long odyssey in a dark metal truck, culminating in a bumpy arrival on a welcome mat on a cool, damp, cloudy, gray, rainy day. Not the ideal arrangement, but it isn't dead...yet. Just keep in mind that the plant probably is in shock right now and let it gradually warm up to your conditions.
Thanks planter, that's reassuring to hear. I have been sort of worried about it, it doesn't look super great but ill give It some time before really freaking out ;)
Knowing how it was kept before you got it will always help in letting you know where to start it at. A lot of CP's you can generally harden off to a different environment slowly. Congrats on your first "delivery".