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WTT Sempervivum for Highland Neps.

I found a tray of Sempervivum that I had been given and forgotten about. I don't have any clue on the species, but I can tell you it is fairly hardy. These have been growing in this tray for 3-4 years with very little substrate, and are happy as can be. Our winters aren't to harsh, but they have seen temps down to the mid 20s several times.

I am just not really a succulent person. If you are interested let me know how much you are wanting and what you have to offer. Mainly interested in HL Neps, but as always it never hurts to offer whatever.

Not alot of intrest so far. Really open to entertaining any offers. Just looking for more plants to fill my new greenhouse!

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Okay, I really like that tray. I collect succulents but I do not have many Sempervivium examples. None of those though. I wish you were more into succulents... I don't have many carnivores I would be willing to part with. I have only one Nep but I'm not willing to part with it yet and its not even large enough for a cutting. :( About all I have to part with that you might like is a small pot of Ceph seedlings but.... Hm, idk about doing that. ><

Edit: you wouldn't happen to like palm trees, would you? I grow several varieties and would be more than happy to send you some different types to fill up some space in exchange for your Sempervivium tray.
OregonCP: don't make me poke you! I have a very sharp spork.
Hey sorry,
I have been really busy this week. I really am just wanting carnivores :-D If you decided you could part with some Cephs, we could work something out for sure. The tray is actually like 2foot x 2foot, and my wife has since said she wants to keep a few of the plants for herself. But I am pretty sure I could fill up a medium flat rate box pretty well.

Send me a PM and let me know what you think. If I don't get right back with you, be patient. I will hit you back up as soon as I get a second :p
Hehe, sorry. :p Was mostly a bump to keep it in sight.