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Woot! New Growth on my Darlingtonia!


You can barely see it beyond the D. binata 'Marston Dragon' that just had to be in the picture, but my Darlingtonia is getting a couple new pitchers. I'm pretty excited because this is my first attempt at growing Darlingtonia where I've actually gotten new growth, and I've only had the plant for a month and a half!
Nice! What is you cobra potted in?
Straight long fiber sphagnum moss. Regular plastic pot. I haven't done anything special, compared to other plants, but, when I first got it it was bare root and I put it in dry long fiber sphagnum in the pot and ran cold water over it for a few minutes.
Similar to me in your culture you are. I have found live long fiber sphagnum to work well for me, however. I figure cooling flushes are only necessitated by the hottest conditions. Even then, my plants saw 100 degree plus weather and survived--with water recirculation. I think the pump helped them through it anyway. ;)