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Winter's here time to look at seedlings ... Some pictures of some of mine...

Well My outdoor season is over but my seedlings are still growing...











I love planting seed but I really don't know if my wife will let me fill the Yard with kiddie pools as these guys grow up...
Nice collection of babies!! You are doomed...no doubt your yard is destined to be filled with kiddie pools. I swore I would never get to that point myself, but last year realized it was hopeless and now I have kiddie pools because I love the babies and can't resist sowing seed.
I also swore I wouldn't get to the point where I needed pools. Learned my lesson. I'm not letting anything flower next year!
Beautiful collection. I love getting small plants and watching them grow!
I've got a few kiddie pools myself, but am working on designing some water benches. The challenge is getting the cost down comparable to a kiddie pool. Hoping to build a few this winter.
Some new pictures. . It's snowing 5-7" today so I washed the seedling trays out gave everyone some fertilizer.. sorry I didn't tag the photos with the cross names

Giveaways are your friend, Jimbo... and ours. ;)
Youre going to have some good looking plants in those.