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Winter dews again.


Stovepipe (The Beast) RIP My friend.
Thought I would put a few more pictures on here as they age.
I missed the beginning of the flowering because i have been doing nothing but working and plowing snow. Seems it's all I do these days 70 to 80 hr work weeks..
Anyway here are a couple shots. The D. browniana will be flowing soon.



They're so pretty :love:
Absolutely stunning JMatt! I should really get more into sundews.

Thanks for sharing!
I love your tuberous dews! I'm learning on the easy ones - D. peltata & D. auriculata.
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Things are moving along pretty good. It's hard to tell by the picture but the D. browniana has very pale pink flowers. The D. macrophylla I think has peaked for it's flowering this year. Tuberous sundews are truly amazing plants!



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Man, you and your dews! So beautiful they are. The flowers on those plants just put other Drosera to shame!

Also I couldn't help but notice your little collection of D. regia in the background. :0o: NICE!
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Thanks for all the nice comments! I just don't get on here as much as I would like to. This time of year work really overwhelms me! Now I am going to see what I can enter in the Nepenthes contest for this month.
Now I am going to see what I can enter in the Nepenthes contest for this month.

Yeah, it could use a little juice!
the first pic of your second update its absolutely stunning, its really pretty!!!
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What do they have for gorwing conditions and light, Crazy amounts of dew great job
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The plants are grown in my basement. I had them covered with a clear dome at first, but took it off at least three weeks ago. I have many other sundews there too, like D. regia, D. binata (multifida extrema), wide leaf D. capensis and they all have plenty of dew. I only monitor humidity in my tank setups. I'm not really sure what the humidity is in the basement as a whole? I do have many things down there over wintering. My guess would be 40 to maybe 50 percent? I will have to check. The tanks run much higher like the high 80's for humidity. Oh and I grow everything under T-5 florescent lights. I have fans in all my tanks and three just in the basement for good air circulation. I'm sure there are a lot of people with better ways of growing them, but this has worked for me with the tuberous stuff for like 4 or 5 years now. Like a lot of stuff though you have to respect there dormancy! As I am writing this, my basement temp is 44 degrees. A bit chilly but heck it's only 8 outside.
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Wow. If I ever had a chance to see your collection in real life, I don't think I would even be able to fathom that amount of beatuy :D.