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Windowsill Greenhouse

Hello everyone! I was thinking about setting up a sort of rack system in front of my window and inclosing it to keep humidity levels high. This would just be for growing highland plants because I have a lowland terrarium. I thought something like a window sill would be perfect because the plants would get nature sunlight and the temps also drop into the 60s at night. (rise into the 70s during the day, never gets above 80)

Would something like this work?

Have any of you done something like this or seen something similar?

How do I pick the correct window? (my windows are 33 inches wide by 48 inches tall)

Just use quality materials and secure everything really well because the last things you want are (a) your plants splattering everywhere or (b) them crashing through your window.

Not sure where you live either, but in the summertime a windowsill can become a dangerously hot place for any kind of plant. I have even melted cacti.

The direction your window faces is also a major consideration. South is best because you've got more light to work with, but also potentially more heat in the summer.
I am from the San Francisco bay area. Do u think they will get to hot even with AC on? Like I said my house does not get above 80. Is there anyway to prevent them from becoming to hot?

Definitely going to secure everything well, if I do this I will get steel racks.

Cool, the window I was thinking of is 196 degrees South.
Any greenhouse will overheat given too much solar radiation and a lack of ventilation. If you build in the ability to vent the enclosure and potentially add a fan (if necessary), then you should be fine.

The AC might help, but if you have the window unit fully enclosed the AC's effects will be negligible, methinks.
Okay so if I create ventilation and add fans it won't over heat?

Have you heard of anyone else doing something like this before?
You would have to monitor the levels of heat, etc., but the vents should give you some ability to control your conditions.

I don't know of others doing
the *same* thing you are, but many have tried various iterations of terraria in a window sill. Again with them, the vent matters a lot.
where you live you shouldn't need worry about humidity, should you? I live in dry colorado and grow my plants in my south facing window, if I lived there I'd think you could grow on deck or patio.