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Wild Dionaea

  • Thread starter Dexenthes
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I had the opportunity to travel to North Carolina this last week and on the one free day I had, I decided to embark on a mission to find wild Dionaea in its habitat. The place that I found was amazing, even though it is winter - I was able to observe wild Dionaea, Drosera, and two species of Sarracenia. Unfortunately TF's photosharing mechanism seems rather erratic as to what pictures I can upload.

Definitely stoked to have crossed this mission off my personal bucket list! :grow:


Every error I've ever hunted down is due to file size. If they're huge you need to shrink them yourself. If they're big the forum will shrink them to proper sizes, upload one at a time. If you have them down to a decent size you can upload a few at a time.

Very cool you got to see them! I've often wondered if my warm winter Temps are enough for a good dormancy, that's pretty much what mine look like all winter.
I would love to visit Dionea habitat in any season! Cool that you made it there, Dex.
Very nice to see Dionaea in the wild in WINTER!!!
I greatly appreciated! Thank you for sharing!