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wifi question

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will VPN software protect you when using public (unprotected) wifi networks?

They make it sound great (of course LOL)

I have been using it to watch British programing I like online now that I no longer get BBC at home....

Works great to hide IP addy's, that much I know, but I was wondering about its effectiveness on open wifi networks for security?

warren, crissy, et. al., where are our network gurus LOL
Watch out for the WiFi...don't want to get sucked in by the Cloud!
hehehe where's my mommy...
clara has that twinkle in her eyes, she will make a good companion

(heather understood :p )
I'm really excited about her!
I'm on the road pretty often, it would be great to feel safe accessing email accts and other pw protected stuff (terra, chat etc) and not worry about unprotected networks
Although my networking guru status probably lapsed several years ago, I can tell you that yes it will work. It will not keep people from finding your password list stashed under your keyboard though.