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Why isn't my Heli Hetero putting out new pitchers?


I got it in October. It's only put out one new pitcher and that was back in November.

Is this normal? why isn't it putting out new growth points, I know it's a slow grower BUT

I want to just make sure. I guess i'm seaking both reassurance and guidance if I'm doing something wrong.

Where's maiden?? calling out to Maiden!!!!!!!


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In my limited experience Heliamphora are slow growing in general and take a good while to get over the transition period of changing environments.
To answer your first question, some Helis are just born that way, it's not a choice.

To answer the second question, the species and genus in general typically need some exacting conditions: typically bright light, cool temperatures, high humidity. If everything isn't tip-top, you should expect a slow transition for the plant, as it has to change physically in order to suit its new environment. I always feed any divisions or new plants, which may also help to speed things up, particularly if the environment is too warm.
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I always feed new heliamphora divisions with liquid fertilizer. If your helis are growing under artificial light with the proper conditions, and did not suffer any damage, then it should resume growing within a few weeks. If your conditions are very similar to those of the previous grower, then there may be no stalling of growth. However, if both your growing conditions are vastly different, then it may take up to a few months to acclimate. Since your heliamphora did resume growing, perhaps it is due to the current change of our temperature. Has your heli temperatures changed with the onset of our cold weather? Under HL conditions, heliamphora grow quiet slow.
mucho gracias to you guys for responding

i think my plant heard me and is putting out a new pitcher :)

Heliamphora heterodoxa, like all Heliamphora, is a slow grower. Patience is a must with the genus.

Also, as was mentioned above, Heliamphora can take a while to recover from the stress of shipping. Two months for any Heliamphora isn't a particularly long period of time to do much of anything. ;)