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White Thing on new leaf's tip?

There is this white thing on a the tip of my Nepenthe Sanguinea's leaf. I know that this isn't mealy bugs cause it doesn't move or appear to have a body.
I asked a person about what it might be, and they said that it is a thing to protect the new pitchers. This nepenthes is new and I only had it for a month or so...(I am also new to growing nepenthes, as this is my first one:) ) So, what do you guys think it is????
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I tried to put in a picture from my camcorder, but I didn't know how...Sorry
:D You need to sign up for a photo hosting site, like photobucket or imageshack. Or try the Terraforums in-house hosting page HERE.
Where in CA do you live?
I live in Lathrop, California, but I used to live in San Jose... Oh and thank you for the vid(I was thinking that the white tip was fungus).
A bit of a drive, now, to make the BACPS meetings. :p

Glad to help. Nope, not a fungus, but a growth for sure!
I know it's a little late, but I was thinking of this after I shut down the computer last night. You might want to edit out the vendor name out of your first post. Names are frowned upon here in TF.