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Which is C. 'Eden Black'?

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Any of them will turn brown or black if you don't water them..
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Well I geuss I should have specified heathy plant lol my thought was everyone seems to think dark clones are special and no one thinks the green or light colored clones are special and I've never seen a mostly green clone
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Just for the green lovers...

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Well seeing if pokie hasn't toils us with is eb or what the other 2 or that doesn't help much lol

Mobile is that seed grown or a clone
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Now that u say that I remember read it doesn't color much I just go hg so time will tell
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It'll colour, just like other cephs do. I have a Big Boy growing in same place and that's green too and it's exactly the same clone as the one in my avatar.
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Ya I new light intensity made them color I just thought there was a clone that stayed green I pretty shore I've read something snapperhead had wrote about seeing plants in bright light that stayed green maybe ppl aren't looking that way
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colder temps will also cause more red coloration as well.
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Has anyone got a viable double ribbed clone - they have any images of?