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Where's Tony??

Has anyone been in contact with Tony Paroubek lately? His web site hasn't been updated in two months, and he hasn't responded to recent emails. His absence is starting to be conspicuous - to me, anyway. If you have any information to post, please do so. I just hope everything's OK with him.

I really wish I could get ahold of him too. I am extremely worried :( I am praying that he is ok
Yea I haven't received any reply to my e-mails in a few weeks... Hope he is alright.
i check his site all the time hoping for an update. I too hope everything is well with him.
I've been wondering the same thing and others have told me they haven't heard from him either, by both email and phone. Hope he's ok.
So, nobody has had any contact (email, calls) with Tony in the past few weeks? Surely someone in the community must know him on a somewhat personal level, and knows what he's up to. Please, post here to share whatever you may know, please. We're concerned.
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I posted the question on several Facebook groups I am part of. I will let you know if anybody replies with anything helpful.
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I too have emailed him twice, the first about a month ago, and then again about two weeks ago, alas with no response...
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I also emailed him few weeks ago and did not hear from him.
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i was begining to wonder why i havent heard anything about my reserves.... hope everything is okay. hopefully he just decided to unplug for a while
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I have tried for awhile as well.
It's been several weeks with no response to placed orders or email.
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Hey folks.

Good news. I just got off the phone with Tony, and he's OK. As we had speculated, he's just taken some time away from the nursery and it's inherent demands to focus on other matters. He appreciates the concern the TF community has expressed for his well being and he will be getting things back in order ASAP.

If you have pending orders and emails awaiting a reply, he will undoubtedly sort through things and acknowledge you as soon as he can. So please, let's be patient and know that Tony will be back to take care of our (obsessively unhealthy) need for new Nepenthes before long!

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So please, let's be patient and know that Tony will be back to take care of our (obsessively unhealthy) need for new Nepenthes before long!

Glad he's ok, but this last sentence certainly rings true.
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Good to hear! Thanks Paul! :)
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thanks for the news :) start having bad thoughts when so many hadnt heard from him in months.
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Glad he is ok and well put said Paul.