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Where i've been...

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Sarracenia freak
A few people have asked what happened to me so figured i'd post an update real fast. Im currently going through a divorce and havent had much time(or desire) for the internet.. Im not dead, just havent really been around.. In the process of moving in with my family until I can find an apartment, and my plants so far are still with my ex husband. Ugh. Its going to be a long process, so dont know how much ill be around on here.. Just letting everyone know, im very sorry to of disappeared on some people..
So sorry to hear that Brie, hope everything works out for you. If you need a temporary foster home for your outside stuff until you get situated, I have plenty of yard space.
Sorry to hear Brie. Hope all works out in the end for you!
This may seem rude to some.. but BE will understand..

1st step towards freedom kiddo. Keep your chin up and don't forget, it's for the best. Good things are comin'..
must admit i missed your pics and plants,hope it works out for you
Brie - While I'm sorry to hear of the turbulence you are experiencing I hope this leads to a happier life and soon. If there's something I can do to help let me know.
I'm sorry things are rough for you right now, I hope everything works out well!
I am so sorry, Brie!