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When Nepenthes get tall and scraggly ... what to do?

I own one Nepenthes plant. Yep, one! It's been thriving so I hope to get more to keep it company, but I'm wondering what can be done with these plants as they become tall? My current plant is about 50cm and starting to get in the way. Can they be shortened, or must I just lean to lean around it!? :)

It's a Nepenthes ventricosa x ephippiata.

You can chop it down and start new plants from each 2 leaf sections of the vine and the main plant/stump should restart with new growth from the roots next to the main stem and a new growth point on any green bit left between leaves on the main stump.

Or you can let the main stalk dangle over the edge of the pot for a few months and a basal will usually start then you can cut the main vine and make stem section cuttings and the basal will grow fast having all those roots to feed/water it.
I would let it grow until it has basal shoots with atleast one trap, otherwise the plant may suffer, then take cuttings, unless you want to see the upper pitchers, I'm lucky and have plenty of room, but whilst at uni I don't, so I cut them back and they go bushy, with branches, it also helps to keep lower traps on which are generally more attractive.
When my main Nep (Ventrata) gets too tall I pruce it back about 3-4 leave nodes and use them to start new plants.