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When I got my seeds for a sundew....

When I got soome seeds for my sundew, i got a little pot and a tablet of peat with the seeds. It said to soak the peat in warm water so i soaked it in tap water. ever since then i have given it rain water / de-ionised. will the fact that the peat was originally soaked in tap water affect its growth? I dont wanna wait for something that aint gonna happen so i hoped you guys (and girls?) could help me
You might be lucky and your tap might not have much minerals, so I wouldn't throw it out. But when the sundews germinate i'd replant them into fresh medium before they establish roots. Did you mix sand or perlite into the peat? Pure peat is too dense for CP, they need aeration in the mix. Again, do not throw it away, let them germinate and transplant soon afterward.
AGHHH! Its been 3 weeks now, oh well, I'll leave em and get another one soon, anyway, didnt mix in any sand but in the seed packet there was some silver sand so there is some of that on top, can you just use normal sand though?
I've used playground sand with great success. You have to rinse it very, very well though. I used a mix of veggie rinsers and coffee filters to do the trick.
I haven't planted anything in it yet, but I did the same. I've heard that putting the soil in really bright sunlight, and rinsing it with rainwater helps, is this true?
CP seed sometimes can take MONTHS to grow.

You don't need to place in a window for lighting really until thery sprout.

You must be very patient with seed...

Also, when you buy seed, you need to ask if it has been stratified or not. The person, selling, trading or giving you the seed will know what to say. If they don't know, then I wouldn't take it. ( My opinion )