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What Type of Shade Cloth is Best for This Situation

It's that time of year again where the temperature is going to get warm to hot. I noticed a few days ago that I might need to get a shade cloth because it is getting hotter where I live. My room right now gets to 75-81 degree which is great for my plants but I know that as the spring come and summer as well, it's the room is going to get hotter than most of the plants are comfortable with. So, my question is , what is the best shade cloth I should get ?
I heard of of something called Aluminet and wondering if anyone used this and experience with it ? Will it help reduce the temperature of my room because it's not getting too much direct sunlight but without harmling the growth of my plants ? Should I get the 60% shade, 50% shade or the 30% shade or the 20% shade ? Any advice would help. Thank you.

Set up:
I have two terrariums located in the window sill and a few around it as well. I believe is facing the west side but still get some south facing light.

Here are the pictures: