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what the wife and i did over Labor Day

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she has a bull elk archery tag for 622 on the northside of Fort Peck reservoir.....this morning her, i and 3 friends hiked back in to on of the friends honey holes to set up her ground blind for next weekend.....its set up over a mile back in from the road and she is planning on sleeping in the back seat of the truck the night before opening to make sure she is in the blind at daylight given its an hour and a half drive down a jeep trail to her parking spot from "base camp" at a buddy's trailer.....

this is her second year bowhunting and is gung-ho bout getting a bull this year as she had a blast last year though she never had a shot....im pretty impressed, she is putting in alot more effort and getting alot farther off the beaten path than most guys.....

the photos are a lil close cropped, was only going to pack so much weight so just took the 170-500mm lens back with us

hiking in, Ryan in the lead, Dalton, my wife and Gene bring up the rear with the blind

Dalton checking out a cow skull with his dad

Ryan getting a tree stand set up that his dad is going to use