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What nep. species arnt in cultivation?


Whats it to ya?
I know theres quite a few species and all of u have limited space, but i know for a fact that some arnt in cultivation. i was wondering: wich ones?

Also, out of curiosity,i was wondering if anyone had any of these threatened species, or even if they are found in cultivation (somewhat related to first question)

N. bellii (endangerd)

N. adnata

N. macrophylla

N. Mikei

N. merrilliana (apperently one of the largest)

N. Mira (recently described)

N. talangensis

Edit: one more i forgot
In answer to your 1st question:

The only species that I can think of off the top of my head are N. edwardsiana and another one, klossii. They are both grown by a couple of people but not sold commercially by anyone I know of.

In answer to your 2nd question:

All of those species I have recently seen for sale, although I can't remember whether or not I've seen adnata.

Hope this answers your question.

-D. Lybrand
you certain? thats, what, 40? 69?? species in cultivation?
From that list, I think all of them are available. I have macrophyla, mikeii, and mira. I'm not sure there's anywhere you can get a N. kampotiana, either, though they are in cultivation.

* N. tenuis
* N. edwardsiana
* N. Trusmadiensis
* N. klossi
* N. hurrelliana
* N. angasanensis
* N. pervillei
* N. neoguineensis
* N. treubiana
N. tenuis is in cultivation. Check out Joachim Danz' website.
cant say, much about what species are or are not in cultivation,
but have some questions:
what is kampotiana?
and what is neoguineensis? from new guinea?
N. treaubiana seems like a rather hardy plants from the photos and there were plenty of seed werent there? how come it still has not entered into cultivation?
How about the species called..."mapuluensis" (if I am not wrong) a low-intermediate grower, from C. Clarke's Nepenthes of Borneo book ...it looks a bit like a northiana.
Finch, all the species you listed are commercially available. Practically all *known* species of Nepenthes (more than 100) are in cultivation. Somewhere. The only ones I can think of which might not be in cultivation are N. angasanensis, N. paniculata and N. treubiana.
I grow N. bellii
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I know ther is a major nursery that was selling N. hurrelliana not too long ago.

I used to grow N. pervillei before a heater malfunction caused its demise. I know a number of others with it and it is in TC.
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I know someone who sells neoguineensis, pervillei and tenuis, although he is out of stock of some of these right now.

-D. Lybrand
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There was one that looked like glass...really transparent, some one remind me of the name...think it was something like N. glassias, or maybe I was dreaming...
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Well, it's not a recognised species that's for sure. ;)
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It would probably have a name like vitrus or something, seeing as that's Latin for glass.

-D. Lybrand
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Nah I clearly remember it was a name starting with g...someone posted a pic on TF before, that was how I came to know it. Or maybe someone just played with the lighting...

How can you tell between dreams and reality? Anyone watched the movie vanilla sky?
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i agree with nepgrower. only one i know that isnt in cultivation is nepenthes mapuluensis for sure.
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[b said:
Quote[/b] (lol @ Oct. 01 2005,9:57)]i agree with nepgrower.  only one i know that isnt in cultivation is nepenthes mapuluensis for sure.
Oh yes it is!
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Are we asking which species are not commercially available or which species do not exist in any private collections or research facilities?

-D. Lybrand
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dlybrand, the original post would suggest the latter, but I don't see anything wrong with discussing Nepenthes which are not commercially available as well. Though, as I said, almost all known species are commercially available anyway.  It's just those select few like N. klossii and N. edwardsiana which are only found in private collections.

lol, N. mapuluensis most certainly is in cultivation.  How do you think the hybrid N. mapuluensis x ventricosa was created? ;)

Andreas Wistuba was trading cuttings of his plant back in 1999 I believe.

Also, to my previous list of plants probably not in cultivation I'll add the elusive N. mollis.
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N. saranganiensis from the southern Philippines was newly discovered in 2002 by Kurata. I don't know if he brought life plants to Japan.
Anyway it is not so different from alata, judging by the tiny images on the net.
Jason: You mean klossii maybe. The transparency belongs to your dream though