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What is your favorite way to mail Sarr seeds?

Greetings! I already have my seed in little bags. I was wondering what people do for padding or envelope. Do you need padding? Thanks!
Yes, you need padding. Actual padded envelopes of some sort are best, every time I've tried to send seeds without padding, most if not all end up crushed.
I've used various methods to pad them in regular correspondence envelopes from paper towels to thin sheets of foam. The last few years far too many have been getting crushed so I no longer use these methods. I now only use padded bubble mailers. The Post Office has been classifying these as parcels since the end of January 2012 so you have to pay First Class Parcel rates on these ($2.32 for the first 3 ounces).

Another method which I haven't used it to make the envelop non-machinable (look up on USPS.COM the definition of non-machinable is). Basically an envelop that is too stiff, oddly shaped or too thick (>1/4 inch) to pass through the sorting/routing machines. Put a stiff piece of cardboard in the envelop, a piece of candy or something to make one part thicker than 1/4 inch or put the label on so that the envelop is taller than wide when reading. There is a surcharge of $0.21. Such mail should be labeled "Non-machinable"

This is why I no longer do SASE giveaways for Sarracenia, gemmae or similar sized seed.

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I am currently trialing eppendorf test tubes in regular envelopes as we speak, but not for Sarracenia seeds. Hopefully they will arrive intact.
Used to be an envelope of non standard size or over 3/8 inch thick went to like 58 cents. The non machinable thing, got to check that.