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What is this? (?utricularia?)

Heres some links to photos i know its hard to tell without flowers but here it is it came in a pot of nepenthes chianna x veitchii
it was tiny when the pots came but now its almost as big as the nep so im really curious if its a weed or utric.If this is a utric could someone tell me if its good in these conditions or if its aquatic or whatever.
Thanks in advance
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I don't think that that's a utric...I'm not really sure what it might be
looks like a harts tongue fern
yes it does but there are not spores and it does not grow like that fern its leaves do not unfold like hart ferns leaves do also the leaves are less than 2 inches long
it looks very small, so wouldn't be setting spores. plus spores aren't on the plant at all times. i'm not saying that's what it is, that's just what it looks like. it has a fuzzy rhizome?
yes the rizome is like a poodle and i would guess youre right about what it is
so is it a weed or a nice plant
i'd save it and grow it for a few months and let it grow. make the decision as to keep it or pitch it later.
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It is a fern, not sure what kind, but definitely a fern. The fuzzy things are the growth point and possibly the roots as well. I would remove it from the pot and if you want to keep it just pot it up in another pot, fern roots take over everything. Definitely not a Utricularia lol
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probably another 'weed'
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I Have no idea. If you really want to know, you should just pot it up and wait for it to grow. Maybe someone will know what it is. If I were you though, I would throw it out.
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it grows like a utric and it was the size and shape of a u.longifolia but it was bigger than my n lowii so i cut it back ( i could not tell lowii from it)
and it formed a long rosette
but its no utric as far as i know because it seems to have no bladders
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ryan if you had a hamata youd throw that out too
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ok now back to our squedualed programming

this might help when it was big it was making a huge rizome across the ground and producing offshoots and each leaf was 4 inches long and the vine was about 7 inches long
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well at least i have a good supply of ferns for when they all go extinct in the wild hehehe