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What Effect Do UV Rays Have On CPs

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sarracenia lover
Noticed my UV index is usually high and was wondering what effect it could have on my plants, if any.
It causes intense coloring on CPs, it causes them to make lots of red pigment as a form of sunblock. It can also stunt growth and cause UV burn in some plants that aren't accustomed to it.
I think a better question is what does Gamma radiation do to my carnivorous plants :) thats what I'm studying in three species of sarracenia
what is your gamma source?
Are you using radioactive ore from United Nuclear?:-))
I'm using the nuclear reactor on NC State University's campus. It's part of my undergraduate research project.
I can't tell if you are joking.
I'm not joking. I'm a student at NC State and that's part of my undergrad research project. I'm trying to develop new cultivars via irradiation and oryzalin treatment :awesome:
That is awesome. Tell us how it works out.
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Hey, guys, try and stay on the subject please:).

Thanks Exo!
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Make sure to post your results! Sounds like an interesting project!