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what am i doing wrong?

So i bought some dionaea m. Ginormous and some b52 from california carnivores early this year and when i got them they had green mouths. The guy said to give them full sun which ive done everyday from early am till sun down. All the original mouths died so i clipped them but still until now all the new growth are still green. The ginormous and b52 they had screaming red mouths, what am i doing wrong?
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The only thing you're doing wrong is being impatient.

I've noticed that some traps tan sooner than others, while some never get the chance, eating their fill and blackening before they ever tan. Just keep doing what you're doing.
I second everything Zath said. Just give 'em a bit more time to acclimate to your conditions.
Lol. I gues i am impatient. These are the first actual vft morphs. So im a noob.