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Well shoot

So I was doing some decorating for Halloween, and I accidentally broke the growth tip off of a basal shoot on my nepenthes...can it recover or am I out of luck there. I'm feeling like a big dumb because of it.
Unless the damage is worse than average, there is a good chance the basal will be fine. I wouldn't worry yet. If a nep is healthy it can recover pretty well from damage.
It is fairly healthy, been growing like a monster the last few months, just slowed up recently I think because of season changes.

I should also note that upon further inspection it has definitely outgrown the pot it's in. I know this is a terrible time to repot, but hey, I got it to flower last month living in Colorado. And I have only had it a year or so. Got it nearly dead and marked down about 50% off.
Woohoo, so instead of starting a new thread about this same incident, i thougght i would add that i saw a slow down in the neps growth, and was worried, then i noticed a new growth tip starting wherer i had broken the other one off on accident. YAY PLANTS