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Weather saying

Has anyone heard this saying: “If hornets build low,
Winter storms and snow;
If hornets build high,
Winter mild and dry.”
I tested that saying out last year and it was partially right here.
Never heard that one!
but it seems like the opposite should be true..
why would they "build low" if there is going to be a lot of snow? wouldn't that bury their nest?
(unless they *want* to be buried in snow for winter insulation perhaps? lower nest means better protection from a harsh winter?
that could make sense..)

That could be true and that's what I was thinking also.
I think of a similar saying regarding persimmon seeds. If you have a persimmon tree collect the delicious fruit when ripe, make a great confection from it (or eat it plain), and be sure to save the seeds. Take one at random, carefully crack it open, and look at the little plant embryo: it will be white. The embryos similarity to dinner ware indicates the upcoming winter weather. I can't remember for sure (and a simple Google search would yield the truth), but I think a fork shaped embryo will be a hard winter, while a spoon or knife will be an easy one.

Heard this one?
I never heard that one before and thanks for sharing.
You bet! Gotta keep the little chestnut stories alive, you know?

Wait... isn't there one about chestnuts?!?? :p
Not that I know of and I come from a long line of farmers. They use those sayings to predict the Winter. :scratch: