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watering Huernia.

i followed the online information. wait till the soil is bone dry before watering. if in any doubt, wait longer. so i'm watering mine once a week. they are not dead yet. in about 2-3 days the soil is bone dry and i'm letting it go for few more days.

one thing i find funny with one of the thinner one is that it seems to lean toward the sun. they are in part shade right now before i move them to full sun in next few weeks. do they supposed to lean toward the sun? or am i not watering them enough and they are having some problem?

once they are moved to full sun, i'll be monitoring more closely and giving it water after being dried for 1 full day.
Becareful with full sun -- could be too much depending on the species involved. Let the foliage, as it were, be your guide. As you slowly step up the light to full sun, if the stems turn reddish/purplish, then you have reached their light limit. Going above that could result in fried plants.

Watering, as with most plants, depends not only on the plant but the media and other conditions Again, your plant will -- to some extent -- guide you. While it is in active growth, more water is required.

I water my zebrina and schneideriana once a week during the winter and they are in a 50/50 mix of peat and large grade perlite. Though Huernia are generally considered summer growers, mine seem to do most of their growing now. In particular, schneideriana has put on a lot of growth over the past month.


how long do you let the soil go dry? i keep reading that the soil should be dry before watering again. i know it's bone dry by the time i water it in a week. i use 2:3:3 peat moss, perlite, and sand. they drain and dry up really quick. the stems are all very plump so i think they have enough water. should i wait the stems shrink a little? i heard that during the growing season, they should be watered more.
During active growth definitely more water and that is period is also when to fertilize (though I must admit I haven't fertilized mine in over a year now). No fertilizer at all when not actively growing.

'Kay, here's the skinny. The pot mine are in sit in a cache pot which leaves about 1-2cm clearance between the bottom of the pot and the cache. When I water, excess quickly runs into the cache. The water in the cache rarely completely evaporates before I water again, but not a big deal since the pot is not in contact with the water. With me so far? Okay, here's the goofy part -- the Huernia have sent roots down into the water of the cache. As a result those roots are almost always wet. Despite this, the plants are fine and the roots in the cache have actually circled the bottom of the cache. I haven't bothered telling the Huer. that they shouldn't be doing this. :D