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Want: Cephalotus pullings

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Hey all, I'm looking for rooted or unrooted Cephalotus leaf pullings, just of the typical variety. I'm putting this ad up now, but I wouldn't want the pullings to be shipped until mid September as it is too hot here to ship through the mail until later in the year.

I'm looking for maybe three already rooted pullings, or five un-rooted pullings. Again, just let me know what you've got, and what price.

Moderators, let me know if you want me to take down this ad and post it later in the month. I just figured I'd put it up now for optimum exposure to potential offers.

Thank you!
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I may have sum pullings i could take soon. Ive been expirimenting with rooting cuttings of cps and i just may have a few extras to trade or whatever :)
I think as a buyer, this is ok especially when it's something that you are wanting already rooted and that takes time. BUT I urge you to not move to the next step (having them set up a "Looking to buy, SOLD!" post until you are ready to buy it and they have the plant on hand.
I have some successful pullings. They are still small and don't even have pitchers, but they will be ready to sell in a few months...


Is this ceph too young?

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