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Video: tropical harvestman eating a midge

This video shows a tiny juvenile Central American harvestmen (Acromares vittatum) very rapidly devouring a chironomid midge (like a mosquito that doesn’t bite).

I shot this video last weekend on my kitchen table using 3 tabletop LCD lamps. Unfortunately I didn't get the colour balance quite right so the video is a bit warm. I'd also like to use a lower ISO to get a higher resolution, but that would mean substantially brighter light, which I don't know it the critters would tolerate. I need to experiment a bit more.


The technical stuff:
Camera: Olympus OM-D E-M5
Lens: Zuiko 60mm micro four thirds macro
Settings: aperture priority exposure (F11 @ 1/30 sec)
Lighting: 3 Ikea LCD lamps
ISO: automatic
Cool video and a sweet piece of music. Did the harvestman capture the midge or was the midge already dead?
The midge was already dead. These harvestmen aren't very aggressive predators for anything this big, although they feed greedily on tiny prey like springtails.