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very large capensis flower

Amazing, that thing is massive! How big/what type is the capensis?
it's a form of wide/broad leaf. dunno which or even if theres a difference really. i grew the plant from seed
do these varieties typically have larger flowers? or do i have a rarity here?
I think you have a freak, but it's an awesome freak.
Andre the Giant!
My capensis flowers look like such wimps now... :D What a monster!
I occasionally get very large flowers on my wide-leaf D. capensis. The flower size becomes progressively smaller as flowers progress up the spike. The first flowers that open in the spike measured about 1.75 inches in diameter. The photo below with the scale is of the 15th flower in the spike, but it is still 1.38 inches in diameter. (BTW, a US quarter is about 1 inch in diameter.)



More photos and discussion at
Is that one you grew from the seed you got from me? The flowers on that huge mother plant were equally massive...
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yes. oddly the "seedlings" grew much bigger and faster than the plants i have from the cuttings you sent me.. one was especially large and vigorous so it has it's own pot :)