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Venus fly trap turning yellowy/pale ??

Jun 3, 2013
i've had my venus fly trap for two months now and it's been doing awesome, shooting up new traps left and right and the leaves were a nice bright green. but all of a sudden, my new sprouting traps turn black before they are able to open, and the existing leaves are starting to turn yellow/pale looking. i haven't changed any environment factors so i'm not sure what i've done wrong?
i have noticed though, that the little green moss that the fly trap lives in has gotten rather tall ( i trimmed it this morning ) i'm wondering if that might have anything to do with it? maybe the moss was taking too much light/water?
i'm not sure, if you can think of any other solutions, please let me know!
i can also include photos if you need it, thanks!
Jul 27, 2008
Have you been giving it tap water or rain / distilled / RO water? Is it getting good light (direct sun or bright artificial light for 14-16 hours)? What conditions are you growing the plant in?

Outside of pests these would be my main concerns based on the yellowing and dying of the plant.

VFTs need strong, direct light. They also need only rain water, distilled water, or reverse osmosis water (I have seen plants watered with tap water do exactly what you are describing). They also enjoy warm temperatures between 70s-90s.

If you plant is lacking in some or all of the above mentioned areas, then it will yellow, wilt, and eventually die. If you've been watering with tap water for the past few months then you may need to repot in fresh media that is not contaminated with hard minerals, chemicals, and dissolved solids in order to get it to snap out of the funk it's going in to.