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Varying temperature readings?

So, I have three different gauges into my terrarium to monitor temperature and humidity in various places. I'm wondering which one to go by as a general reading because they all read differently.

My main sensor is a two in one temp/humidity sensor that controls a hygrotherm zoomed controller for my cooler and fogger automation. It's located on the opposite wall of my cooler and is currently reading 77. The other two are analog- one is another dual temp/humidity zoomed gauge that's in the middle on the back wall. It reads about... 69. The other is on the front to just right if center. It says 73 right now.

Which one should I use as a "benchmark"? Is there a best place to put the gauges for that? Or do the temps really vary that much Inside my tank? O.O

Thanks :)
Normally you'd check thermometers by seeing what the temperatures they read of boiling and ice water at sea level. I would look up the specifications of the digital thermometers and go with the one that has the best accuracy rating. Some thermometers can be user re-calibrated.
The analog dial type are notoriously bad at giving accurate readings. Without checking against a known accurate thermometer I would stick with the hygrotherm's reading.