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Various mexican pinguicula under sunblaster t5's

Greetings! I have a whole collection of various mexican pinguicula growing under 7 x 4ft sunblaster t5's high output. They are about 8 inches above the plant canopy. The high output's are putting about 75-80 in temperature on the pinguicula. I notice on a few of my pings that the leaves are growing shorter but still growing many. Not sure if it's winter leaves on my true blue agnata. Should I raise the lights up a little? I am shooting about 35000 lumens onto my plants.
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I wouldn't raise the lights, so long as they aren't burning the plants. Mexican pinguicula enjoy full sun so it is hard to give them too much light so long as they are acclimated to it. The leaves are probably growing shorter due to the higher light levels, or it could be winter leaves. Are they sticky? If so they are not winter leaves. Pics would help.
Pics would help.

I agree. It doesn't sound like there is anything to be worried about, as long as they aren't being burned by the lights. Pics would help immensely, however.