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Vacation ??? Project

My wife has been on me for several months now; the ground cover on the side of the house is too overgrown – it has to go. I put it off, as men often do…. But, I took a couple of weeks of “vacation” and she was quite instant that something had to be done. So I borrowed my buddy’s truck and over four days took 5-6 loads of ground cover, weeds, roots, etc. to the dump. Then I put down weed cloth and had several loads of cinders delivered. That was the easy part – she also insisted that my cactus, bromeliads, succulents, etc. be consolidated and moved along the side of the house. While I was at it I did some much needed maintenance (weeding, repotting, etc.). Then to finish it off I added a fountain to the front of the house and had just enough room for a new 4’ x 10’ nepenthes grow bench. I would have liked to have made it taller so I could also hang plants above, but my home owner’s association would not allow it so I built a bit on the short side so they can’t see it from the road….
I am pleased with the results…..

She was right, it was a bit (ok very) out of control…

Added a fountain and lanterns in front of the house

Consolidated Grow Area

New Nepenthes grow table

Lotsa work but sure looks good!
The new nepenthes bench is filling up…..
Wow love your succulent collection and nice collection of neps