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utricularia pubescens


Decumbent Fanatic
i have a cup of flowering utricularia pubescens
also included in the package will be some sandersonii and reniformis

to enter you must have donated to the NASC auction. Will ask the winner to prove it by pming me the thread link. winner will also pay $6 for shipping.

the winner will be picked by a random number generator. ends friday.

1. anramitaco -- Thank you!
2. charlie -- here you go
3. MasterLow, thanks!
wrapping this up today. still time to add your name to the list if interested!
1. anramitaco -- Thank you!
2. charlie -- here you go
3. MasterLow, thanks
4. Tacks, cheers.
Can't wait (I need a reniformis!
Do we have a winner?
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masterlow won - then i notice that they didnt donate.

second runner up was anramitaco!

pm sent. thanks for playing.
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wait, what? I donated $59 to NASC...
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But did you donate any items to the auction?
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Nope, guess I misunderstood that.
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You donated plants? My apology if that the case and we can work something out.
If you just received plants then that would be a purchase.