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Utricularia in the pine barrens


I've got a magic window!
I guess I could have PMed everyone this that went to the Pine Barrens.

You know how we were all wondering what kind of Utricularia was in the lake. Well I picked up a publication at the Batsto park office before I left on Sunday, that's the area were I found the D. filiformis.
The Utricularia that grow in the park are:
U. cornuta
U. purpurea
U. resupinata
U. juncea
U. inflata
U. subulata
I guess our ID of U. macorhiza was wrong.
Wow...William suggested macrorhiza too.  We were all wrong.  lol

So...I wonder which one of those it was.  Or if we were in fact seeing different varieties.

Hopefully I will be posting photos soon and I have one of the utric.  Not sure if it could be ID'ed by the photo or not.

OK...I'm going to stick my ignorant neck out here and say its U. inflata. Do I win something if I'm right? lol
[b said:
Quote[/b] (PlantAKiss @ Sep. 21 2005,10:46)]Do I win something if I'm right? lol
Marks Snake Tongs.
Oh boy SNAKE TONGS!! those could come in handy around here.
I need to get some.
They could come in handy for catching wild things.

I have a possum outside my den window.
[b said:
Quote[/b] ]
OK...I'm going to stick my ignorant neck out here and say its U. inflata.

I can say 100% it is not inflata, Inflata is round, like a wheel.
You are disputing me??

I was looking at photos of all them on BobZ's site and inflata looked the closest to it...in my ig'nernt opinion.
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Sorry I can't see the resemblence.

[b said:
Quote[/b] ]You are disputing me??

Don't talk to me like that, you want me to get some sandpaper for your mouth?
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