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Utric catastrophy.. in search of Utrics... :(


Sarracenia freak
*sigh* So while I was ailing from gall stones/recovering from gall bladder removal, my husband was kind enough to water my plants for me... Once I was well enough to get up and start caring for them on my own again(a week+ later), I discovered that my utrics(which were on the sill of a full sun window that was kept open) had been forgotten about the entire time... Needless to say they were bone dry and had been baking in the hot sun the entire time. All that survived the holocaust is my pot of livida, and my two epiphytes due to being covered with a cup. :(

So i'm putting out a cry for utrics. If anyone has any to offer, i'd be overjoyed. Any at all other then livida. If I have something you'd like in trade for the harder to find species, just let me know..
I can send you U.gramifolia, U.dichotoma, U.praelonga, U.calycifida 'Asenath Waite, U.sandersonii, U.longifolia and, U.reniformis 'Enfant Terrible' when I send your Heliamphora to you.
As I mentioned in my PM, I should be able to add a few Orchidioides. Once the temps start to drop, I plan to do some repotting & will likely have some divisions available.
You're awesome Ron :hug: