Using Isopods for food

Jan 31, 2014
NW Suburbs, IL

A two part question.

I have dwarf tropical white isopods that I seed my dart frog vivariums when I rework the enclosures. I have a few Utricularia in LFS, such as cornigera. I've dropped some of these isopods over the moss, in hopes the traps would eat some of them.

Anyone tried this?

Also, I have some Aldrovandra coming. In the one time I tried it - I failed miserably on the Daphnia culture. I think I overfed and killed them. Reading says that cultures will inexplicably fail, best to keep 2 cultures. Any better solutions than Daphnia for Utrics and Aldrovandra?

I have maintained the same culture of white isopods for ~7 years .

'Maybe' the isopods might work for Utrics if they can trap inside the moss, but maybe not so much for the Aldrovandra unless the isopods can swim for a limited time.

I am going to start some plants in a tub to start working on some tiny creatures, and perhaps even work on some mosquito larvae in a month or so. But....looking for an easy solution this way too with isopods... if it will work.

Best regards, Lisa