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US Botanic Garden Amorphophallus bloom

last weekend, my family took a trip to Washington DC to visit the National Botanic Gardens.

as it turns out , there was something special going on!

one of their Amorphophallus titanum plants was about to bloom! it was not open when i saw it in person, but i did get to see the massive flower bud. as it had not yet opened, it also didnt reek of rotting flesh yet (im kind of glad about that! :lol:) i didnt have the camera with me, but my dad did get a picture of me standing next to it on his IPhone. i might post that later.

also, there is a live webcam of the plant set up on their website, so you can see the bloom from the web!

That is pretty amazing. The webcam will be awesome once the flower is in full bloom.
someone needs to invent a web based scent-transmitting device!:-))

It REEKS!!!!!
someone needs to invent a web based scent-transmitting device!:-))

They should do that for TVs! ...Although, a lot of nature documentaries would probably never be watched if that happened.

"Watch what happens when a predator approaches the skunk!"

At home:
ack!! i was there too just this weekend!! although I was there the day before it bloomed!
P.S. has a pretty sorry nepenthes collection!
EDIT: whoops i didnt know i hadnt opened yet till i clicked on the link!
Thank goodness for no smell-o-vision!