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Upright Tentaculata

So I have a tentaculata that is growing in a semi-cascade way right now and I would like it if it grew up rather than sideways. Would it be bad for it if I just let a pitcher stay on the soil surface to suppost the plant or should I just let it keep growing sideways?

pitcher not on soil:

Pitcher on soil:

Thanks for your time
Either way is fine, that pitcher looks like its gunna die soon anyway. I have a plant that started falling out of the pot like that but it eventually started growing towards the light anyway. I assume after a while the growth tip will be pointed towards the lights (or window or w/e)

Edit: oh oops its the other pitcher. But either way I still say the above.
I'd let it keep growing sideways. Nepenthes are vining plants, so it's completely natural and to be expected that your tentac should grow to the side out of the pot. A pitcher supporting the plant would only be a very short-term solution anyways, as the pitcher would eventually die, thus causing the plant to once again grow to the side.
Well once it vines its impossible to keep upright for any amount of time, besides ke growing it like this and you can expect a basal soon
A longer term solution would be supporting it with a stake. If you do this make sure the end that goes into the soil is pointed so it causes the least disruption to the roots as possible, I use pencils to no ill effect!