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Unknown utric, I think...

This little (actually pretty big) fellow showed up after planting this Sarr., and has been growing ever since. It started out at a central point along with the new plant and has begun to spread out. It has a pretty fast growth rate. Leaves to about three inches. It reminds me a bit of exploding fireworks. I thought at first it was some Sarr. seedlings, but obviously not. Thoughts, ideas?? Thanks.




And a few showing the lower parts, and parts is parts.


I am pretty sure it is a sedge grass, real common in sphagnum moss. If it is a utric you should be able to see the small vacuole traps on the roots.
I see. From what I looked up it appears to be in the Cyprus family. Sometimes the appearance of the stolons and traps can throw me. My U. longifolia is as obvious as it gets. Here is U. lividia, also in a glass container in a windowsill. The stolons are very variable and differ depending upon wether they face to the outside or inside. I will need to repot soon, it is on a downhill slide. Do you find that media in a situation like this break down pretty quickly? I don't seem to get much more than a year and change. And when it starts to go, it goes fast, with the plant following behind quickly. There is also a pic of a newcomer here, U. dichotoma.





By the way, is sedge grass of any utility or worth? Or basically just a weed?
By the way, is sedge grass of any utility or worth? Or basically just a weed?
I try to remove as soon as I see them. They grow very quickly and their roots will fill a container until it's one mass of nasty. If allowed to grow, it can be tough to separate from your original plant.
I have been testing them for nutrient export but they do get out of hand and take over the whole pot and then you have the roots running through the entire flat/tray. Might be able to used dried leaves for drying them out and putting them into the water for aquatic utricularia and waterwheel plants