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Uncarina grandidieri Mouse trap tree

Does anyone have any experience with this plant. I recently read about it and would like to aquire some seeds or a plant. Would be interested in knowing if anyone has grown this plant in a container type situation. Thanks for any help you can offer.
I wanted to take pictures of some of my Uncarina seedlings and this post came up with a search. I don't know if you got answers elsewhere.

I used to live in Pasadena, CA, and always really liked the Uncarina grandidieri at the Huntington. This plant is amazing, and a high percentage of the Uncarina grandidieri photo online are of it. This is the Wikipedia free access photo.

http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons" href="http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3AUncarina_grandidieri_PICT8748.JPG">

So I always wanted to grow this plant, and never noticed it for sale down South when I lived there. I ended up getting it (as a rooted cutting) from someone who grows unbelievably beautiful plants--in Wisconsin, I believe without a greenhouse (i.e. indoors under lights/windows plus outdoors). The first two photos:


I've tried to grow it outside most of the year (in a pot), with limited success. I think my lack of full sun is not ideal, a bit too much in the way of cool temperatures is not good. I also think I probably overwater it much of the year. It has been outside all winter this year (frost-free and milder than normal). It has one leaf, so it's probably pretty close to dormant. It has bloomed, but not a lot.

So last August I decided to grow some Uncarinas from seed. I bought them from someone who appeared to be selling seeds from his own plants (I can give you the seller's Ebay name privately, if interested). The big drawback, in my opinion, was that these were from two presumably unidentified species. I asked for more information and the seller never got back to me (my only complaint). However, my attitude is that all Uncarina species are very cool. I can also send pictures privately of the plants flowers that the seller posted--assuming I can find them. I paid about $4 each for packs of 15 seeds each of the two species. Germination was rapid (a week or two) and at a high rate. Overall, I was very pleased with the seeds and the seller.

I got the seeds in late August. Here is a seedling of one of the species (simply referred to as having bright yellow flowers) on October 12:

And here is that same plant 3 1/2 months later (on the left) as well as two seedlings (one is much smaller) of the other (pale yellow) species:

These are in 3 inch pots.

So I would conclude that growing them from seed is easy, and fast, with viable seeds.

aerogrower, if you are still looking for a plant, and are OK with a species besides U. grandidieri, I'd be happy to send this guy below (or I have others) for trade or postage. I think have 9 left of the two species at this point.

One does need two different clones (I think hybrids are also possible) to get seeds and the bizarre seed pods.