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ultrasonic fog maker

if you use tap water is the mist that comes off an ultrasonic fog maker pure h2o like distilled water or does it still have the minerals from the tap
its one of those Halloween foggers
It still has the minerals. It's not making fog by heating the water, it's physically breaking the water up into small enough bits to form the fog, so everything is still in there.
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Agreed, you would want to use something like distilled water in them to be sure that you were not spreading the mineral content out with the fog. I have been considering doing the same thing in the future if all goes well as I learn to grow. I have seen some very nice units over at house of hydro, everything from 1 to 12 disc units without all the leds and such for reasonable cost I think. Anyone else done business with them here and or used to maintain a more humid env for their CP's that require them ?
I just use the Reptifogger sold at Pet stores.
you will also need the float to go with it, static head pressure is critical
(water depth above unit)
It all depends on how high your water is in ppm. I just use tap water, ppm=~25.
Well this is what I was looking at..
http://www.thehouseofhydro.com/one-head-mist-maker.html @ $29.89 and you get everything, free shipping within the US, with including additional discs and the float too.

I looked up the Reptifogger on Amazon, $42.25, yea can likely get one someplace but price is is better with the HOH guys.

So anyone else tried them ? Currently use one ? Had any positive or negative experiences ? Even most "cool mist humidifiers" have consumables, IE filters and the like and are also expensive as well.

Just looking to get an informed opinion is all. What I was considering doing is getting and building a small shelving unit and this being a cold fog placing it above and running the output down to a shelf below. Let me know what you guys and gals think.
I'm sorry, it's not the Reptifogger then, it's the other one that's cheaper.