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Uh Oh!

So my p. primuliflora has started its 3rd flower and the newest leaves are just starting to turn brown. Is it doomed? Repot? Less Light?

ok take a deep breath and relaxify your face.:sleepy:

I am no expert in pings (at all), but my advice in general would be to cut off all of the brown. Since it is brown it is not photosynthesizing, and therefore not useful to the plant. The plant is definatly not doomed, perhaps it just has a bit too close, bright light. IDK cuz like I said, not good at pings. Before doing anything I would wait for a second opinion.

good luck.
Ok, after talking with kulamauiman, I have determined that my primuliflora may be getting too much light. I moved it into a sun blaster nano dome which has 1 t5 HO 18 inch bulb. Previously it was under a 4 tube t5 HO fixture. The t5 HO fixture is very bright and under it my sarracenia Purpurea is actually turning nice and red. All of my indoor plants are getting fed pretty well. Every time it rains I collect water in 15 shallow dishes. There are alway lots of bugs drowning in the dishes. Well lets just say they might have been better off drowning.
I've noticed that the leaves of Pinguicula primuliflora tend to burn easily in direct light. Whenever I move it into less direct light, it recovers.