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U. sandersonii typical and blue

There has been past discussion about the difference between the U. sandersonii "typical" and "blue flower" forms. Here are flowers of both that have been grown side by side under exactly the same soil, light, temperature, water, etc. Note that the typical has much more narrow ears and less frilly skirt. The blue flower has a slightly darker blue color than the typical. The typical has larger leaves and flowers easily and profusely, while the blue flower has smaller leaves and flowers occasionly.


typical (top)


blue flower (bottom)
By the way, these photos are from my first digital camera, a Canon A70 which I have had for only 3 days and have not yet learned quite how to use it.
Nice photos Bob, and a good comparison between the two forms. As an aside, I have several different clones of this species, and the "bunny faces" can vary in expression. There is an "angry bunny" form and one that is more "smiley". Now keep the photos coming!
Also, I have noticed that in my cultures, only the "blue form" has aerial stolons and is highly opportunistic. All my typical cultures lack these tiny air roots and are much better behaved.
I agree. However, my typical form tends to have an abundance of flowers for months at a time. See below.
Is there a plant under there somewhere? J/K! Wow!

My blue form has sent up numerous flower scapes but still refuses to flower. The buds end up producing seed, but never open. I have varied the light level from 2 to 10 inches below grow lights, without success. Any ideas?

GJ on the pics, btw, Bob!
Very nice Pic Bob!

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Wow, Bob your picture is wonderful! You're lucky to have such a beautifully prolific plant.
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Here is a picture of my sandersonii. By looking at the flowers, i would say it is the blue form.

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My Son bought me a white bunnier cream server. I have filled it with Sandersonni Typical. Now it looks like a mother and her tons of young... on her back
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Cute Idea Cooper! Can you post any pictures of the Sandersoniis? Please do if you can. Thanks
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i'd say mine sits on the "angry" side of the scale...(yes, it's typical) lol

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I too have had difficulty in getting the 'blue form' to bloom. I've tried many different things to accomplish this: drier substrate, morning light, afternoon light, higer/lower atmospheric humidity, even saying yabba dabba doo over the plants every morning before work! I've gotten inconsistent resluts and many cleistogamous scrapes

One experiment that I have in the works is growing the guys in a very small pot. On another of the utric forum topics, someone wrote in that they recieved good blooming results when their (longifolia?) stolons were constricted.

Other than that, I don't know. It may be as simple as different clones being more floriferous than others.

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Holy cow, Bob! That is a spectacular show of flowers.
Thanks for sharing that.

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my u. sandersonii typical constantly makes flowers and the flower looks a bit like a fat bunny with and evil face , there so cool thast why ther emy favorite utric
. i also grow the blue flower form and have nopticed the diferences that were mentioned , mines have not flwoered but i will try to follow the tip[s that were said here . hey adnedarn , are al your flowers like that , that is one angry bunny .
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Darn my blue is exactly the same as adnedarn's
and my typical is more white and pink than everyone elses

i'll "try to post some pic's soon !!