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Typha leaf litter

In Barry Rice's CP faq and on a few other sites about growing aquatic utrics, it is mentioned that having Typha (cattail) leaf litter in the container can help the plants thrive. I'm thinking about trying it.
Is anyone who is growing aquatic utrics use them, or otherwise add anything to the water besides peat moss? I wonder if having leaf litter could make it easier to grow the more difficult species, like Utricularia purpurea.
I have been throwing old sarracenia traps (the brown ones that are cut up) into my utric ponds for awhile, it creates more CO2 for the plant, and many plants need it to thrive (aldrovanda) peat does the same thing, but the leaf litter seems to be much more effective, Nardoo and other emergent aquatic plants seem to be very effective for me to, but true aquatics don't do much for my plants (like water lilies) I think it has to do with the build of the leaf.
Certain plants are also toxic, so only use plants you know are safe (like sarra or nepenthes traps/leaves) and you don't need to throw the leaves in until they are brown, green leaves are eaten by snails and smaller insects (if you have any like I do)
One thing I do is keep a 5 gallon bucket with soft water and lots of traps or sedge litter or whatever and dump some into the aquatic features from time to time. Or you can go the other route. Dump the leaves/traps/sedges
in the water with your utrics. If you go that way, you might want to grind them up a bit. Watch for skeeters, though.
Hmm, if it doesn't need to be Typha leaf litter, that makes it a lot easier. I guess I'll try it with some dead Sarracenia leaves. Thanks for the replies!
I grow Typha with Aldrovanda and U. gibba. I would say the litter seems to help, but I have never grown either the gibba or Aldro any other way. *shrugs*