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Two well-travelled Nepenthes miranda cuttings

Recently I sent out two miranda cuttings (deroose) to the PNW and thru a snafu they were returned to me. The fellow trader got a resend so that is done with for now. On Saturday the package came back as nka. Thanks guys! The cuttings seem none too worse for wear, and I thought someone out there might want to try them. One even appears to have made a bit of growth at the tip, though that might be my imagination. I have not opened the bag I sent them in, though if someone calls dibs then I will and trim the browning leaves and repack with a little bit of damp paper. They were in the mail system for some time, so take that into consideration. Otherwise, these will go to the first person who lays claim. Post here, and pm me for shipping details. Thanks.
Or email after posting to: gnixon@satx.rr.com.
QSRUDDY gets em. Offer closed. Thanks!