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Two seed-grown Nepenthes jamban. - clue $100

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This auction is for a pair of seed-grown N. jamban. IIRC these are about 18 months old now. I have seen sufficient evidence to state that I believe this lot of seedlings (all from one seed pod) is true-to-species, however, I cannot guarantee that these will be pure, unadulterated (non-hybrid) N. jamban. By placing a bid on these plants, you accept these terms and understand that whenever Nepenthes species are grown from seed, there is a chance that hybrids may appear in the offspring. If you're unwilling to accept that risk, then do not bid on these.

Please start the bidding at $5.00. The auction winner is required to pay the shipping costs, payable directly to me via PayPal. This auction is limited to US residents only, so please don't ask about shipment elsewhere. The first photo shows the exact two seedlings up for auction, photographed earlier this morning.


The next two photos depict sibling plants from the same seed lot -- more mature plants which germinated first -- and as you can see, these are in keeping with the characteristics of the species. The two photos below are for reference only, they are not photos of the auction plants -- the two I'm donating are in the first photo (above). I simply wanted to show you what you can expect from the seedlings you are bidding on! Thank you.


Another recent photo of one of the redder seedlings:
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This is a reminder to complete this auction. Please post here when payment is made, shipping sent, item shipped and item received.
Thank you.
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I have not received notification of payment from NASC yet. Buyer still needs to arrange payment to me for shipping.
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Payment for this item has been received by the NASC. You may ship this item when ready!

High bidder: If you haven't already, please contact the donor directly regarding shipping arrangements, including how to pay for any shipping costs if noted in the original post. Please remember to return to this thread to note when the item has been shipped and received so that the thread can be closed appropriately.

Thanks for supporting the NASC this year! :)
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Paul has been notified regarding arrangements.
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