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Two 24" 24 watt T5HO 460 nm Actinic lights for trade


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Apr 9, 2003
Metro Atlanta Area
I'm getting this:


and can't use the actinic lights that come with it for plants, so I'm going to have to replace them with ones I can use.

Instead of throwing them away I figured someone on here might want them. I'll trade whatever for it; I just didn't want to throw them away when they're new and someone could use them. Really I'll just take whatever. Obviously considering the circumstances on the off-chance that someone has new or slightly used T5HO lamps of the same wattage that aren't actinic that they'd like to trade for actinic lamps, I'd go for that but I don't expect anyone to have any just laying around in that size and who'd rather have actinic lamps.

They'd be great for reefs, or Glo-Fish, or raving and looking at cool black-light posters while twirling glowsticks ;P

PM, please.